Aland Islands Jobs

In this article, I will be listing possible Aland Islands Jobs that can be considered by a job-seeker.

Allowing you to determine whether Aland has any employment vacancies matching your professional qualifications. Allowing you to be proactive.

You can try out any of the jobs you’ll find in this post that suits your field.

Dialing code ++358-18
ISO 2 code AX
ISO 3 code ALA
Capital Mariehamn
Main Language Swedish
Currency Euro (EUR)
Population 26,711 221st
Continent Europe
Land None km2
Natural Hazards
Life Expectancy years
Median Age years
Birth Rate births/1,000 population
Death Rate births/1,000 population
Sex Ratio male(s)/female
Literacy %
Roadways km
Railways km
Waterways km
Airports with paved
Currency Euro (EUR)
GDP per capita (PPP) $

The Job Market in Aland Island

Aland island has a strong employment situation. Almost every branch requires workers on a long-term basis.

Healthcare, IT, technology, hotels and restaurants, law and service, and law and crafts all have strong demand for labor.

Work, Office, Architect, Designer

Employment Rate in Aland Island

Traditionally, Aland Islands Jobs rate of employment has been significantly higher than the rest of Finland.

Currently, statistics show that the labor market is nearly full. The employment rate for women is 98.1 percent, while it is 97.4 percent for males.

Best employment Agency in Aland Islands

Ålands arbetsmarknads- och studieservicemyndighet
Nygatan, 22100, Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland
Mo-Fr 10:00-15:00

Aland Islands Jobs Site

With the sites listed below, you can expect a 0.5 to 1.0 percent response rate (people who will respond back to you after receiving your application/CV).

Nonetheless, I advise you to give these sites a shot since you never know what you’ll find or what connections you’ll create with a simple e-mail or application.


This massive professional social network is a great resource for making contacts in the field and location of your choice. In Aland Island, you’ll have a lot of possibilities.

Interview, Deal, Business, Handshake

Norden is a wonderful location to start your job hunt. They have a lot of chances for getting Aland Islands jobs

Salary explorer

I’m sure you’re familiar with this massive search engine. They have a very long list of job opportunities in Aland Island.

Getting a Job in Aland Island

A job search doesn’t have to be tough, and neither does landing a new job.

Landing a job in Aland island is as easy as getting a job anywhere else, you just need proper information and the right qualifications.

Hopefully going through this article, you would be able to identify the jobs or job opportunities best suited to your qualifications.

Job Opportunities in Aland Island

Admin and Office Jobs

  • Application Developer/Manager (JAVA) to Crosskey

via Awexia

  • Software Engineer, Backend

via Zobjobs

Telework, Technology, Laptop, Connection
Computer and IT Jobs

  • Junior IT Service Administrator

via Monster

  • Ecommerce Developer

via LinkedIn Finland

Management Jobs in Aland Island

  • Stable Manager

via YardandGroom

Click here to see jobs


Available Aland Islands Jobs and their Requirements

Office Administrator

Woman, Women, Office, Work, Business

Within a company, office administration refers to a set of day-to-day operations linked to the upkeep of an office building, financial planning, record keeping and billing, personal development, physical distribution, and logistics.

You’d be responsible for planning office operations and procedures, generating payroll, controlling communications, designing filing systems, reviewing and approving supply requisitions, and allocating and monitoring clerical responsibilities as an office administrator.

This is one of the Aland Islands Jobs you can try.

Software Engineer


Hand, Type, Keyboard, Money, Finance

Software engineers build and develop computer systems and applications to solve real-world problems.

Software engineers, often known as software developers, construct computer and application software.

As a software engineer, you’d need to focus on applying engineering ideas to software development.

You’d also be required to analyze and alter current software, as well as develop, construct, and test end-user applications that match user requirements.

Needless to say, to carry on the work of a software engineer, you’d need high qualifications and skills in the fields concerned

Data Analysis Intern

Laptop, Human Hands, Keyboard, Typing

Interns who work as data analysts evaluate data using data analysis tools to assist their employers in making key decisions by discovering various facts and trends.

They prepare reports and submit them to management to provide new information on emerging trends and opportunities for improvement.

As a data analyst, you’d be responsible for analyzing data to optimize a company’s process and increase the overall efficiency of its product or system.

To be a data analyst intern in Aland island, you’d also need to have a certain level of qualification as it’s a delicate position and is crucial for any company or organization’s growth.

This is one of the available Aland Islands Jobs.


Finance Administrator

Secretary, Office Job, Office, Desk

Maintaining records for all transactions, creating monthly and quarterly financial reports, and processing reimbursements are all responsibilities of the Finance Administrator.

If you have a history in finance and are familiar with bookkeeping, you might consider applying for this position.

One key challenge that most businesses, including those on Aland Island, the encounter is a lack of understanding of how to spend finances to achieve the greatest potential outcome or value for their investments and expenditures, necessitating the hiring of a financial administrator.

You will be expected to assist the corporation or organization in successfully allocating and managing its resources.

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Customer Service Agent

Office, Job, Computer, Portable

This is one of the Aland Islands Jobs which jobseekers can apply for.

A customer service agent, also known as a customer service representative, is responsible for assisting consumers who have questions, issues, difficulties, or wish to buy a product or service.

To work as a customer service again in Aland island, you’d need a minimum of a high school diploma or GED although most companies find it preferable to hire agents having a significant experience in sales and/or an undergraduate degree.

The most effective customer service representatives are conversant, but they also know how to discern consumer wants and handle difficulties.

Even in stressful situations, an agent should have a professional, respectful, and polite demeanor.

Public Relations Intern

Woman, Bored, Tired, Office, Business

The professional in the Public relations area can execute the following tasks, depending on the company’s goals: drafting innovative press releases about future events.

Putting together media presentations conceiving and executing promotional programs.

You’d be expected to design publicity tactics and campaigns, as well as write and produce presentations and press releases as a Public

Relations Intern

Application, Keyboard, Apply Now, Enter

Analyzing, developing, and altering computer programs is the responsibility of a trainee position in computer programming.

As the training program advances, the incumbent should be expected to use what they’ve learned and taken on more technical duties.

Answering questions from the general public, the press, and other organizations. coordinating and participating in promotional activities such as press conferences, open houses, exhibitions, tours, and visits.

This is one of the Aland Islands Jobs opportunity

Developer Trainee

Laptop, Notebook, Startup, Computer

Analyzing, developing, and altering computer programs is the responsibility of a trainee position in computer programming.

As the training program advances, the incumbent should be expected to use what they’ve learned and taken on more technical duties.

As a Trainee Engineer, you’d be required to work under the supervision of a manager or supervisor, aiding staff with new projects, making ideas on existing procedures, conducting research, preparing reports, and maintaining data, among other things.

Quantitative Researcher

Analysis, Business, Hand, Charts, Audit

The job of a quantitative researcher is to combine structured and unstructured data with in-depth industry knowledge.

Analyzing data and forming conclusions based on logical and mathematical logic.

In a live trading environment, backtesting and implementing trading models and signals.

You’d be expected to align methodologies with research goals, use a variety of tools to acquire information and interpret data, write reports and present findings and schedules to management and other stakeholders, identify trends and patterns, and conduct fieldwork and tests as needed a quantitative researcher.

The role of a Quantitative Researcher is one of the Aland Islands Jobs. Grab this opportunity.

Game Tester

Office, Freelancer, Computer, Business

Video game testers are professionals who test video games throughout the early stages of creation. Their task is to find any faults or glitches in the game before it is released to the public.

Video game testers must also finish all stages of a game, explore every level, and make suggestions for game extensions or modifications.

Typically, you’d be required to work for video game studios, close to programmers and other technical members of the development team.

Tester roles require critical thinking abilities, solid communication skills, technical writing ability, and game-playing expertise.

Quality Assurance Intern

Desk, Computer, Business, Office, Table

Being a Quality Assurance Intern entails helping to organize testing efforts, executing test scripts, and working as part of a company’s quality assurance team.

They can also help with installation testing, web testing, and software testing.

To guarantee that products are up to par, you’d be expected to apply several soft skills and industry expertise, including:

Good written and vocal communication abilities. Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities. Paying close attention to the smallest of details.

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Construction Engineer

Construction Worker, Work, Worker, Man

Construction engineers are in charge of the planning and design stages of a project.

Managing all of the engineering processes involved in a construction project.

Construction engineers contribute specialized knowledge to projects like cost control, cost accounting, and project schedule management.
As a construction engineer, you’d be required to;

Coordinate with project manager and administer efficient working of the construction process and monitor the lifecycle of all projects and prepare all project controls and update as per requirement and document all processes.

Evaluate all projects and make recommendations for cost-cutting measures, as well as schedule and attend weekly staff meetings.


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I’ve posted the majority of the current Aland Islands Jobs openings above.

Over time, developments in technology, organizational structures, and processes have had a significant impact on job opportunities on Aland island.

The positions and what you’d be expected to perform were highlighted so that anyone could see if their skill set fit into any of the categories.

If you locate one, feel free to do more study on the specific Aland island job and make sure you’re up to the challenge before diving in.

Thanks for reading.


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