Let’s take a look at Albania Jobs one can quickly apply for.

What kind of extra activities a person can do is also determined by his or her money. The type of leisure activities one can engage in, as well as the type of vehicle one can drive, are all determined by one’s financial situation.

A person’s employment is about more than just earning money. People feel fulfilled, productive, and purposeful when they have a job.

We were designed to be active, productive individuals. Having a job that relies on a person to fulfill a task or perform a duty instills in the employee a sense of accountability. This level of accountability confirms our value.

Individuals require these two elements: income and purpose. Even if a person has a condition that prohibits them from working full-time in the community, they still have the same requirements.

To survive, they require a source of money. They also desire to engage in activities that are meaningful and purposeful.

We will list some open jobs in Albania in this article, which you may look through to see if you qualify for any of them or if any of them match your skillset.

If you’re looking for a job in Albania or simply a job seeker seeking good chances, this article and the information contained inside will be beneficial to you in your search.

The Job Market In Albania

Thousands of people work in agriculture, mostly in rural areas, where it is the primary source of income for many families.

Client service jobs, on the other hand, predominate in Albania’s job market because the country’s economy is largely based on the service sector rather than the manufacturing sector.

Economic experts are suspicious of the spread of these businesses, stating that they do not add value to the economy of the country.

A large number of individuals work in the garment and oil production industries.

The growing tourism industry employs largely seasonal workers during the summer months and has a lot of potential to grow the rural economy by increasing outdoor tourism.

In the digital world, the number of outsourcing companies is also rapidly growing.

Many foreign companies are setting up shop in Albania, employing young adults and students with skills in web development, design, copywriting, data analysis, and other areas.

Language centers are also seeing an increase in demand for language teachers, particularly for English, Italian, German, and French.

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Employment Rates In Albania

From 2012 to 2021, Albania’s employment rate averaged 56.33 percent, with a high of 62 percent in the third quarter of 2021 and a low of 47.10 percent in the first quarter of 2014.

Albania Jobs


Dialing code +355
ISO 2 code AL
ISO 3 code ALB
Capital Tirana
Main Language Albanian
Currency Lek (ALL)
GDP $21.8 billion 114th
Population 2,986,952 137th
Continent Europe
Location Southeastern Europe bordering the Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea between Greece in the south and Montenegro and Kosovo to the north
Land 28,748 km2 144th
Terrain Mostly mountains and hills; small plains along coast
Climate Mild temperate; cool cloudy wet winters; hot clear dry summers; interior is cooler and wetter
Natural Hazards Mostly mountains and hills; small plains along coast
Note: Strategic location along Strait of Otranto (links Adriatic Sea to Ionian Sea and Mediterranean Sea)
Life Expectancy 77.96 years 43rd
Median Age 29.9 years 81st
Birth Rate 15.29 births/1,000 population 129th
Death Rate 5.55 births/1,000 population 160th
Sex Ratio 0.87 male(s)/female 49th
Literacy 98.7% 48th
Roadways 18000 km 116th
Railways 896 km 95th
Airports 8 160th
Waterways 43 km 103rd
Heliports 1 65th
Airports with paved 3 43rd
Currency Lek (ALL)
GDP $21.8 billion 114th
GDP per capita (PPP) $6000 119th

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Recruitment Agencies In Albania

Algeria Jobs

These agencies recruit people for available Albania Jobs. There are several recruitment agencies in Albania and below are some of the top recruitment agencies in Albania.

You can check the webpage of any of them to get more information on what job vacancies are available.


Albanian HR Solutions sh.p.k.

Job Centre

10+ years in business

Tirana, Albania

“The best recruitment team Albania Hr Solutions.”


Balkans Recruitment

Job Centre

Tirana, Albania

“The most reliable Employment Agency in Albania.”


Europe Agency

Job Centre

7+ years in business

Tirana, Albania


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TSTS Group – Maritime Training & Employment

Job Centre

10+ years in business

Tirana, Albania

“Marine Job offering Agency”


Profesionisti Recruitment


7+ years in business

Tirana, Albania

“best service provided from a recruitment agency in Tirana.”


Elite Jobs International

Job Centre

Tirana, Albania

“A very serious and promising agency.”


Work In Albania

Job Centre

Tirana, Albania

Albania Jobs Site


Is a fantastic place to start your employment search. They have a lot of work opportunities in Albania

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They have some listings of jobs in Albania


This vast professional social network is an excellent resource for developing contacts in your chosen career and area. In Albania, you’ll have a lot of possibilities.

Job Opportunities In Albania

Government Jobs In Albania

Below are government job vacancies in Albania

Project Coordinator


IDEA – International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

Tirana, Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn

Business Analyst

ikubINFO Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn

Marketing Jobs In Albania

Student Marketeer – Albanian Distribution & Development

Albanian Distribution & Development

Tirana, Albania

via Red Bull Jobs

Marketing Portfolio Assistant


Tirana, Albania

via Vodafone Group

Legal Albania Jobs

Consulente HSE

Vistra Srl

Fier, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania

Andorra Jobs – Job Market, Recruitment Agencies, Job Sites

Legal Intern

PwC Albania and Kosovo

Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania

Accounting Jobs In Albania

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Specialist

Nobel, Ltd


via LinkedIn Albania


Cobblestone Energy

Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania

Admin And Office Jobs In Albania

Junior EU Aid Volunteer, executive assistant, Albania


Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania

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Customer Service Jobs In Albania

Technical Support Specialist


Durrës, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania

Customer Service Assistant

Sada Group

Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania

Computer And IT Albani Jobs

React Developer | Tirana

Comm.it s.r.l.

Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania


Frontend Developer Angular2+


Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania

Real Estate Jobs In Albania

Real Estate Agent

THE POINT Real Estate

Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania


Real Estate Advisor

Remax Advantage Realty

Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania


Construction Jobs In Albania

Construction Engineer


Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania


Survey Jobs (Work From Home Remote)

Remote Work At Home


via Remote Jobs


Sales and Retail Jobs in Abania

Medical Representative

Ilma Farma

Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania


Medical Sales Representative

Megapharm Sh.p.k

Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania

Medical Sales Representative


Art, Fashion and Design Albania Jobs


Flex Business Solutions

Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania


Graphic Designer


Tirana, Albania

via LinkedIn Albania

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Getting A Job In Albania

As can be seen, Albania has a lot of job options, and one can scarcely go through the list without finding a few that he or she can do. However, there are some prerequisites.

You’ll need a work permit to work in Albania as a foreigner. Foreign nationals who wish to work in Albania must obtain a work permit.

These are available from the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth and can be obtained through the Albanian embassy in your home country.

You could be able to start working in Albania during the application process.

A residence permission to live in Albania is needed, which you may be received through the Albanian police department, since it is required for a peaceful, legal, and uninterrupted stay.

You can learn about Albanian jobs in a variety of ways, including reading articles like this or searching online.

For a foreigner looking for work in Albania can use online job boards to seek openings or apply directly to international companies with a presence in the country.

Foreigners’ job opportunities have previously been limited, but this is changing.

Foreigners who work on international investment projects or for multinational accounting and consulting organizations usually earn more money.

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Job searching is ubiquitous and necessary for human survival. Albania has a lot of work options that are worth investigating.

This article’s content includes a wide range of topics related to Albania’s economic position as well as some job opportunities in the country.

After reading up to this point, you should be able to determine whether there are any occupations you can do, how and where to start, and a few other helpful hints.

Before applying for a job in Albania, do some additional study in any other areas where you believe you need more information.

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