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Whether you are a citizen of Bhutan or a visitor, the importance of information about Bhutan jobs can not be overemphasis.

A job is crucial to many areas of social integration, including health, housing, and interpersonal networks and one has to horn himself with resourceful information concerning a job whether as a citizen or visitor.

It acts as a source of economic resources as well as a crucial means of improving individual emotions of usefulness and belonging.

Although there are profitable skills to consider during your stay in Bhutan or acquire if you are visiting Bhutan soon some of which include:

  • Becoming a translator
  • Online marketing
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Electrical skills
  • Plumbing skills

On various levels, we’ve seen how important having a job is. So, how do you go about getting a job in Bhutan now?

Bhutan is a beautiful nation with a diverse range of work opportunities, as you will discover during your stay in this article.

I’ll list a few of them, as well as offer details on the job market in Bhutan, employment rates, job sites in Bhutan, recruitment agencies, and job qualifications.

You should be able to decide whether you meet the requirements for any of the job openings after reading this post, and if you do, you should also know what to do next, including how and where to apply.

Bhutan Jobs Market

Bhutan jobs market encompasses the size and structure of the labor market, or any portion of it, the way it or any element of it operates, its challenges, the opportunities that may be available to it, and the employment-related goals or ambitions of those who are a part of it.

In terms of the Bhutanese labor market, I’ll go through a handful of these.

Bhutan’s labor market has evolved significantly throughout time.

Policymakers and the government have continued to be concerned about the unemployment rate, which is a vital indication of the country’s economy.

The problem is especially serious among young individuals (15–24 years old), who are witnessing an increase in the number of young job seekers entering the labor market each year.

There has also been an increase in the number of unemployed people with a higher education degree.

The Royal Government of Bhutan prioritizes the creation of sufficient high-quality jobs to achieve full employment.

Bhutan is a land where people of all races, castes, and creeds live side by side.

The country’s population is made up of immigrants and multi-religious and multi-lingual populations. The Drukpas are the Bhutanese people.

Bhutan’s indigenous people are mongoloid in origin and live primarily in the Himalayan middle region.

The principal vocations of Bhutanese people are cattle ranching and agriculture.

That isn’t to suggest there aren’t other job opportunities in Bhutan. Read on to discover more about a handful of them.

Unemployment Rates in Bhutan

Bhutan’s unemployment rate is determined by the number of people actively looking for work as a percentage of the total workforce.

Bhutan’s unemployment rate increased from 2.70 percent in 2019 to 5% in 2020. Bhutan’s unemployment rate will reach 4.32 percent by the end of 2021, according to Trading Economics global macro models and experts.

In the long run, our econometric models predict that Bhutan’s unemployment rate will be about 4.10 percent in 2022 and 3.20 percent in 2023.

Bhutan’s unemployment rate was 2.80 percent on average from 1995 to 2020, with a peak of 5% in 2020 and a new low of 1.15 percent in 1997.

This page contains information about Bhutan’s unemployment rate, including real numbers, historical data, forecasts, charts, statistics, an economic calendar, and news.

Recruitment Agencies In Bhutan

Job Centre, Thimphu, Bhutan

Employment consultant, Thimphu, Bhutan

Job Centre,Thimphu, Bhutan

Employment consultant, Thimphu, Bhutan

Government office,Thimphu, Bhutan

Security guard service, Thimphu, Bhutan


Bhutan Job Sites


Find Job Vacancy Openings in Bhutan on, Bhutan’s No.1 Job Portal. Explore the best Bhutan jobs, internships, and part-time work all on this one Bhutan job site.


Jobs Micro is a leader among numerous free job posting sites in Bhutan. Jobs Micro comes with very great features which makes the work of the employers very easy. In fact, it should be termed as the best among many free job posting sites in Bhutan.

With its great presence online, the job posted immediately reaches job searchers across the world and the employers will be contacted by the job searchers in no time.


A rapidly growing platform where job seekers and employers converge. Whether it is a one-time freelance gig, or a long-term job, all you need can be found on this job site.


This is an excellent platform for startups and small businesses looking for new talent. This free job posting site in Bhutan is geared at newer applicants with little or no experience, as well as interns.

5. ClickBhutan

This free job posting sites in Bhutan help small businesses wanting to hire entry-level or middle-level employees.

6. Craiglist

It enables users to promote practically anything. Because of the large number of free job listings it receives on a regular basis, your ad may get lost in the shuffle so it is recommended to use keywords.

7. Indeed

If you need to hire someone quickly on free job posting sites in Bhutan, Indeed is the place to go. Indeed is also available as a smartphone app.

8. Vacancybt

This web portal is very useful for all job seekers from all over Bhutan. People may also search the best jobs in the Cities and towns of Bhutan.

Requirements For Work

International employees will require a Bhutan work visa and work permit to work legally in Bhutan. Bhutanese visas and work permits are issued by the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Immigration.

In Bhutan, work visas and work permits are two separate documents. A foreign employee must get both a work visa and a work permit in order to work in the country.

A work visa is valid for employees who wish to enter Bhutan for the purpose of working. However, a work permit is required to carry out labor within the country’s borders.

The Bhutanese government only issues work permits for a period of one year. To preserve their legal work status, applicants must reapply each year after their permit expires.

In addition, if a work visa has been renewed for three years, the permit holder must leave the country for at least six months before reapplying.

International employees interested in working in Bhutan will need to submit a set of documents in order to be approved for a work visa and work permit.


  • For a Bhutan visa, you’ll need a valid passport, Department of Labor approval, an employer undertaking form, a medical fitness certificate, and a signed statement of compliance.
  • The Department of Labor, Human Resources, and the Ministry of Labor must all provide their approval for a Bhutan Work Permit.
  • A fully completed application for a work permit is essential.
  • There must be a legitimate employer commitment.
  • An employee’s undertaking must be legitimate.
  • For foreign nationals, a copy of their passport is necessary, as well as an employment visa.
  • A medical fitness certificate provided by a government-certified medical officer is required in Bhutan.
  • You must send a passport-sized photograph.
  • Academic certificates must be supplied in original or notarized copies. Only Bangladeshi, Maldivian, and Indian nationalities are eligible.

In addition to these, further papers may be required throughout the review.


The bulk of the information regarding Bhutan employment, including job market information, job sites, recruiting firms, and available openings in Bhutan, may be found above.

The job requirements are also included above, along with links to make applying easier. If you believe you are qualified for any of the opportunities listed above, do some further research and application.

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